Timber Laths

We manufacture our timber laths ourselves - creating knot-free timber laths that are straight and true, using kiln-dried Obeche timbers. With a fine, even texture Obeche’s ideally suited for timber laths, and easy to work with due to the lack of resin or splinters. Available in a variety of lengths and thicknesses, talk to us today about standard or bespoke sizes for your timber laths - we’ll be happy to oblige.

All laths and scrim have bulk discounts which are shown on each of the items page. These prices will automatically be charged on checkout. The more you buy the more savings are made! 
3"- 12" Jute Scrim
Jute Scrim hessian
18" - 36" Jute Scrim
Jute Scrim Hessian
Timber Laths 3m/10ft (3mm or 5mm Thickness)
Timber Laths 10ft/3m long (3mm or 5mm Thickness) BULK DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE
Timber Laths 22mm x 3mm - 8ft/2.4m x 100lengths
3mm thick laths 8ft/2.4m long
Laths - Offcuts x 100lengths
Offcut laths 3m long, 3mm or 5mm thick
Cotton Scrim
3" x 100m Cotton Scrim Bandage