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Fibreglass, Resins & GRG

We stock a large range of resins, gelcoats and fibreglassing products to ensure tip top moulds. We also stock Continous Filament Matt (CFM) glass for GRG work.

Also included in this section are laminating brushes, waxes, filler paste, fibreglass chopped strands and french chalk.

Laminating Brushes
1", 2" & 3" Brushes
Wet and Dry Sandpaper
P220, P400 & P800 Grades
French Chalk
Extra fine talc (price per Kg)
Paddle Rollers
Fibreglass Rollers
Wax Polish
Release Agent
P38 Repair Paste
3.5ltr Tin
Honey Liquid Wax
1 US Gallon Release agent
Chopped Strands
Box of choppies
25Kg General Purpose Resin
DSM 6060 Resin
20Kg Clear Gelcoat
Neogel 2000-I-1 Gelcoat
22Kg White Gelcoat
Neogel ISO 2000-W-1 White gelcoat
Chopped Strand Matt
450g Matt roll
Continous Filament Matt
CFM matting for GRG work