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Clothing & Protection

Keep looking good after a day in the workshop with our range of clothing and protection.  
In this section we have plasterers whites, both trousers and overalls, dust masks, aprons and gloves.

Rubber Gloves
Pair marigold type rubber gloves
Dust Masks
Nuisance Dust Masks
Fibrehand Hat
Fibrehand Hat
Clear Plastic Apron
42" x 36"
Heavy Duty Black Plastic Apron
48" x 36" Apron
Latex Gloves
Box of 100 latex gloves
Cotton Dust Sheet
Cotton Twill Dust Sheet 12ft x 9ft
Straps & Ratchet
Secure that load! Conforms to BS EN12195-2
White Trousers
Dust Masks with Valve
Box of 10 Masks. FFP2
First Aid Kit
HSE Standard First Aid Kit
Bubble Wrap
100m x 1.5m bubble wrap