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Casting & Workshop

All those bits and pieces that you need everyday in your workshop and for general casting is found on this page. Shellacs, meths, zinc sheet, brushes and tallow all come under this section.
Tri-sodium Citrate
Plaster Retarder
Deluxe Splash Brushes
12cm Soft Hair Splash Brush
Buff Stone
Methylated Spirits
5ltr Meths
Vermiculite - Superfine
Vermiculite - Superfine
10kg Tallow
Shellac Pale Sealer
5ltr Plaster mould sealer
Zinc Sheet
For profiles
Pure Shellac Varnish
5 ltr Pure Shellac Varnish
Tie Wire
25Kg Galvanised Tie Wire
Continuous Filament Matt - Small Rolls
CFM - Small Rolls
Continous Filament Matt
CFM matting for GRG work