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Casting Plasters

Whether you need high strength casting plaster suitable for everything from fireplaces to figurines, or fine general casting plasters that offer exceptional consistency and dependable setting times, our range of casting materials will ensure you get the best results every time.

We stock both Prestia casting plasters and Formula casting plasters, giving you the opportunity to use the casting plaster best suited to the job.  

Whether you want a single bag or a pallet full, we can deliver our casting materials direct to your site anywhere in the UK - contact us now and we’ll be happy to discuss your order with you.

Our special Bulk prices apply from just 12 bags making us one of the most competitive casting plaster supplier in the UK. Just click on a plaster to see our deals...

Prestia Casting Plaster - Single Bags
Good strength beta plaster for general casting use. Our best seller..
Formula Fine Casting
25kg Formula Fine Casting
Formula Pottery Plaster
Formula Pottery Plaster - Quick Set
Normal Plus
Prestia Normal Plus is a fine casting plaster with excellent surface hardness. Ideal for GRG work.
Fine Casting Plus
Formula Fine Casting Plus
Siniat Prestia Creation Plaster
A High strength casting plaster which is ideal for figurines, fireplaces, dados etc..
Formula Keramicast
Formula Herculite no.2
Formula Herculite no.2
Crystalcal R
**WEB SPECIAL**  Siniat Prestia Casting Plaster - Pallet (40 bags)
Good strength beta plaster for general casting use. Easy mix and pure white. Our best seller..
**WEB SPECIAL** Formula Fine Casting - Pallet
40 bags Formula Fine Casting
**WEB SPECIAL** Formula Fine Casting Plus - Pallet
40 bags Formula Fine Casting Plus